With epoxy floor coatings, there doesn’t have to be any compromising. Durability, safety, aesthetics, and simple maintenance are all aspects that epoxy floor coatings deliver to your environment. Choose between several finish options that fit your situation. Invent your space the way you envision it with multiple design options. Epoxy floor coatings outperform other hard-surface flooring in the most abusive environments. Whether you’re looking for flooring that is safe, seamless, requires simple maintenance, fits a specific look, or is durable, epoxy floor coatings enhance environments across the board.

Breakdown of Products for a 1,000 SF Chip Epoxy Floor Project

Dancer Concrete
Design Broadcast
Competitors’ Broadcasts
Preparation Full preparation.
Completely preps the surface.
Grinding to scratch surface.
Leaves dark spots during prep.
Joint Fill Seamless options available. Joints left open.
Primer 5 Gallons. Penetrating epoxy. No primer. Primer and Body are one coat.
This can end up being problematic.
Body Coat 5 Gallons. 100% pigmented solids. 2.25 Gallons.
Chip Media 150 lbs. 500 standard blends
+ custom blends available.
75 lbs. 6-8 stock color options available.
Top Coat UV top coat. 8.5 Gallons. 5 Gallons.
Finishing Optional Urethane High-Wear
Topcoat. 2.5 Gallons.

The amount of product used in a Dancer Concrete Design system installation is much more extensive than what is typical. Our floor systems are made for people who appreciate doing things that bring the most value into their space by implementing the right products, the right team, an industry-leading direct warranty, and 100% Happiness Guarantee.

Why Dancer Concrete Design?

  • Focus on Design
  • Open Communication
  • Responsibility to Serve
  • Professional In-House Craftsmen
  • Quick On-Time Service
  • Industry-Leading Air + Dust Control
  • Fast 36-Hour Bids
  • Direct 2-Year Warranty + Guarantee

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