How We Serve

Life of Purpose

We feel that businesses have an opportunity to be more than just the products and services they offer.  A business has an opportunity to empower others, create change in the community, help others grow, and lead the next generation towards a better future. Together we can help others and help change our world.

Why does a group of craftsmen and concrete contractors care about living a life of purpose? The reason is that no matter what position you have, or what business you work for, there is always room for integrity and striving to work with purpose. At Dancer Concrete Design, our life of purpose includes supporting the community, uplifting employees, being selective in where we advertise, being honest and open when hiring new team members, caring about our clients as individuals, responding to concerns with patience and honesty, saying thank you and standing by our values without wavering. A portion of all of our sales go to charitable purposes and supporting a mission of sharing Christ with others.

Throughout the year, Dancer Concrete Design introduces a theme to provide focus for the team. These themes can be seen on our uniforms, in literature and throughout our shop and office. Do Great Work. Never Ever Quit. Do More – Be More. Follow Your Passion. Play Like A Champion Today. Greatness Starts Here. We want these visuals to serve as a reminder that at Dancer Concrete Design, we work together and we work with purpose every single day.

Here’s to Living a Life of Purpose,

The Dancer Concrete Design Team