Mission and Values

We want to create one of the best-run small businesses ever. We think if we have the best-run company we can have a positive impact with everything we encounter – People and Concrete. Lofty goal – right? You bet. We are up for the challenge. A daunting task, but we think it’s a simple formula we can work towards. We have a plan called our 6-pack Strategy.

What is an amazing company? How can you define what success looks like in business? Is it appearing on Shark Tank, selling a product to Wal-Mart, or maybe creating a business when a client buys something you then in return give something back, like Tom’s Shoes?

It always has seemed unclear to me. I like to think that Apple is/was a successful company, but then you hear that Steve Jobs didn’t seem to care about his people. Or your favorite lunch spot with the best food suddenly closes and you hear they were never making any money. Is this a successful business?

In our business, we are not searching for success by the world’s terms. We are not looking to build the next Amazon or Tesla. We love small business. The direct client interactions, the impact we can have on our team, and the support we can give our community is unique in a small business. You don’t need a policy for everything and the word ‘corporate’ never needs to be spoken.

We are not looking to be the biggest. We are steadily pursuing to be the best-run business. We are writing our own rules to success and what a well-run company looks like. You have seen these types of businesses. The ones where after working with them or walking in their shop, you leave and just think “Wow. They have their stuff together. That was a great experience.” We are looking for that.

For us, success is achieving goals by our own standards. We want to have a team of A-Players, who work to create the best product, have good systems, strong numbers, a caring mindset, and live our values.

A Players – Are the people in our company who:

  • Can do the work and work towards Mastery
  • Intuitively act on the next step
  • Love the suck
  • Speak with courageous communication
  • Resourceful
  • Live Values
  • Work on Farm Time

Best Product – We want to design and install the best product. When looking for solutions, we look for durability, safety, maintenance, and aesthetics. We look to be the premium provider of the systems we install.

Good Systems – Systems in a business help serve us to offer consistent results in our installations and operations. We should learn from our past, and we do this through documented systems, checklists, and reminders. Systems should enhance the process not complicate things or take away from the real work.

Strong Numbers – A business should have a scoreboard for how it’s performing. Top line revenue and profit margins are important but other key metrics such as labor to revenue, our quality score, and client feedback, are the clear indicators for how we are performing. Why guess when you can know.

A Caring Mindset – A Caring Mindset means we care about the people we work with, our clients, and our work. It means we show respect and love to others. We take those small actions that show we care about the work we do.

Living our Values – Our values hold us each accountable for the way we work. They define how we make decisions. We must live our values.

Success to us is when we are working in line with how to build an amazing company. It’s more of a journey than a destination.


Core Values

Core Values are the handful of rules that define our culture, which our people live out. It’s what you can expect from working with our company. Core Values shape our company’s personality. It provides the should/shouldn’t test. These are the Soul of our Organization

Always Be Growing-  Constantly Curious Learners
We are hungry achievers looking to be the best for ourselves and others.  We continually look to improve. We are always training, learning and growing.  If we are at our best, we can give our best. We are going to be leaders. We know a little better every day makes someday a lot better. We are always growing – constantly curious learners. Day in – Day out growth.

Neat. Clean. Organized.
We are put things in their place; a place for everything, clean, organizers.  We think better work is done when things are better organized. Our people, our trucks, our tools, and job-sites have a Neat, Clean and Organized appearance. We are structured and well-ordered in our operations so we can be fierce and original in our work.

Communication is Service
We are open, honest, clear, and timely communicators. Communication is how we speak, and the intentions of our words. Great communication shows we care. We think the more we share, the better we get. Communication is our way to serve.

Impact Over Comfort
We are not looking for the path of easiest resistance but the one that makes the biggest impact. We know it’s the little things that make a big difference.

Design Driven  
We are driven to make the right choice and do the best work. A great design elicits feelings, improves the function and efficiency of a space.  Design encompasses value, safety, durability and aesthetics. We do work that makes for a better-built environment.

To God the Glory
We believe we exist to serve a higher purpose. Our talents, abilities, and resources are used as a way to glorify God and all he has entrusted us with. We want to have a positive influence on anyone who interacts with our company.