Options Glossary


High-wear Urethane Topcoat

High Wear + UV Stability

Our 3-part high performance topcoat increases the abrasion resistance and chemical resistance of your resinous flooring system. This can withstand up to 3 times more wear than traditional topcoats. This additional topcoat also increases the UV resistance of the resinous flooring system.


Moisture Blocking Primer

Lifetime Epoxy Primer

Excessive moisture in concrete is the #1 cause of epoxy peeling or delamination. Our additional priming process locks down excess moisture to ensure the epoxy floor coating does not peel or lake over time. This is a recommended system when moisture problems have peeled previous coatings, no under slab vapor barrier has been installed, or the concrete is a slap on grade installation.

  • Stops moisture from peeling coating over time
  • 5 Year Warranty directly from Dancer Concrete Design


Control Joint Filling

Seamless Floor Installation

Our control joint filling includes the use of semi-rigid filler to fill the open control joints in the concrete. This provides a seamless floor for a more finished appearance.

  • Cut out existing control joint to clean
  • Fill joint with semi-rigid filler



Reactive Stain Coloring

Reactive Stain Application

Reactive concrete stains work with the existing chemical makeup of the concrete to produce variegated coloring throughout the surface. This coloring method typically produces a marbleized appearance to the concrete surface, and provides permanent coloring to the floor.

  • Permanent – variegated – marbleized look
  • Unique and one-of-a-kind


Dyed Concrete

Concrete Dye Application

Dyes work with the existing porosity of the concrete to penetrate into the surface layer of the concrete to color the surface. Dyes offer a more consistent look than stains. This coloring method is popular in commercial settings.

  • Affordable coloring option – Fast install
  • Consistent – reliable coloring
  • Works well when exposing aggregate


Control Joint Filling

Control Joint Filling (cut lines in concrete)

Filling in the control joints with a polyurea product protects the edges of the joint from breaking off and produces a cleaner, more finished appearance. The floor is also easier to clean with joints filled.

  • Cut out existing control joint to clean
  • Fill joint with semi-rigid filler
  • Price based on 3/16″ x 1″ joints



Concrete Grouting Application – Pinhole Filling

This grouting coat application fills in pinholes, small air pockets, and aggregate pop-outs in a concrete floor. this process offers a higher overall reflectivity and a more ‘closed up’ surface. This process is recommended for air-entrained concrete and/or concrete that will be heavily ground to remove sealers, coatings, or when aesthetics are top priority.


Additional Aggregate Exposure

Grinding Deeper

When working with concrete, we have the option to grind deeper into the surface exposing more and more of the aggregate. This can pose fine sands down to deep ‘terrazzo like’ stones.


Ram Board

Protect the Work

Polished concrete floors offer one of the most durable floor options you can install, but construction can be one of the most aggressive uses your floor will ever see. If you are serious about protecting your new floors, our team can install a thick, proactive board before we leave. This strong, protective board offers superior abrasion and spill resistance compared to resin paper and cardboard.