What to Expect When We Work in Your Space

Installing your new Dancer Concrete Design flooring system should be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. In order for this to happen, there are some steps you need to take to ensure a smooth floor installation process from start to finish.

Before We Start

  • Power requirements are as followed:
    • Residential – 1-220 V outlet or access to a breaker box for a 20” grinder/polisher may be needed. If needed this will be listed in proposal. A quantity of three (3) 110 outlets with separate breakers for each. Please contact your project manager with any questions.
    • Commercial and Industrial – A quantity of one (1) 220v 3 phase 60 amps breaker for our larger 32” grinder/polisher and one (1) 220v 3 phase 30 amp breaker for our larger concrete dry vacuum within 100’ of work area. If needed this will be listed on proposal. A quantity of three (3) 110v outlets with separate breakers. An electrician or maintenance supervisor should be available for initial electrical hookup and disconnect. Please contact your project manager with any questions about this.
  • All items should be removed from the work area including furniture, tools, building materials, and debris.
  • All floor coverings, base trim, nails, and tack strips should be removed from the surface.
  • Access to water to fill five-gallon buckets or a garden hose hook up within 100 feet of job site.
  • Interior doors between rooms that require work should be removed.
  • A well-lit area is essential to doing our work correctly. Please make sure adequate lighting is available.
  • A designated area to dump dirty water.
  • Commercial and Industrial projects must have an on-site dumpster provided by client.
  • A temperature controlled and conditioned space may be needed for some installations.
  • Dust control is handled with dry concrete vacuums. No additional dust control measures are typically needed during construction. If the environment must stay even cleaner during the install, we recommend our dust control add-on package. This package includes a quantity of 2 (1200CFM) air scrubbers, an additional team member with a HEPA vacuum sweeping the floor during the installation, and may include building temporary visqueen walls. Please contact your project manager for a specific price for your project.
  • It is expected that dust accumulation will happen in rooms in which work is being completed. We recommend cleaning the space after we install or have a professional cleaning crew in the space after installation.

Polishing + Staining Projects

  • We recommend curing the concrete for 30 days before proceeding with polishing the concrete.
  • Any slab shrinkage from additional curing is the responsibility of the owner or concrete contractor.
  • Polishing is a variable process with variable results. These results are the desired characteristics of using stained and polished concrete. Every floor will be unique and can vary from sampling.

Resinous Floor Coatings

  • The space must be conditioned and temperature-controlled before application of any coatings.
  • Typical installations require the slab moisture to be below 75 RH for successful installation. Moisture readings higher than this will need to have a moisture mitigation system installed or wait to condition the space for this.
  • Moisture readings in the concrete can change depending on water tables, rain fall and conditions during curing.

After We Finish

  • We ask that our work can be completed before the final coat of paint is applied to your walls, or schedule your painter to do final touch-ups after floor finishing. Finishing concrete surfaces requires the use of large pieces of equipment. These inevitably hit the walls and produce small dents and scratches in areas that will need addressed.
    • Please address your on-site team leader to report any damage above and beyond this.
    • We will be using blue painters tape to hold up wall protection or plastic on walls during certain parts of the project. Blue painters tape may still peel paint or other coatings on the walls.
  • Dancer Concrete will seal the floor upon completion. It is your responsibility to protect the floor during the remainder of construction. Dancer Concrete Design can install Ram Board upon completion if requested. All continuing care and maintenance will be your responsibility. Care and maintenance documents, as well as warranty information, can be found here.