Concrete Sealing

Concrete is durable, strong, and can serve as a great floor. BUT - untreated concrete floors are abradable, reactive and porous. We can help turn the floor you have into the right finish for you. Whether you want to leave concrete left in a natural state for aesthetics, or looking for the most affordable solution so you can simply keep the surface clean, we can find the right solution for your application. From a 100,000 SF warehouse, a utility closet, a containment pit, or creating a non-slip surface in a kitchen we have the experience and information to find your best solution.


StrongTred Cure

Our StrongTred Cure Sealing incorporates premium concrete densifiers and is the most affordable sealing system with better long-term durability.

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StrongTred Hard Wear

Our Hard Wear system incorporates the same penetrating products used in a full polished concrete process. It offers additional sheen, durability and is water repellent.
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SealCraft Shine

The SealCraft Shine is an affordable water-based acrylic floor sealer that prevents dusting, increases the shine, adds moisture repellency and boost the aesthetics of a space.
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SealCraft Clear

SealCraft Clear gives a polished concrete look but offers additional stain resistance and waterproofing. It also offers additional slip-resistant options.
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