Epoxy Coatings

With epoxy floor coatings, there doesn't have to be any compromising. Durability, safety, aesthetics, and simple maintenance are all aspects that epoxy floor coatings deliver to your environment. Choose between several finish options that fit your situation -  smooth, flake broadcast, sand broadcast, metallic and urethane mortar. Invent your space the way you envision it with multiple design options.

Epoxy floor coatings outperform other hard-surface flooring in the most abusive environments. Whether you're looking for flooring that is safe, seamless, requires simple maintenance, fits a specific look, or is durable, epoxy floor coatings enhance environments across the board.

"Dancer Concrete came to us in an emergency. We had had extensive water damage due to flooding. We needed to continue to do business while they did our concrete work. They completely resurfaced and added a decorative chipping to our showroom, service department, and restroom. They did this in a very timely and professional manner and we were completely satisfied with the outcome." 

- Knippen Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Treadwell Industrial 

Treadwell Industrial Epoxy floors are a cost-effective and affordable installation that can accommodate large square footage areas but can be customized to fit a variety of installs. Learn More

Treadwell Shop

Treadwell Shop Epoxy is designed to hold us to the abuse in a shop, heavy manufacturing spaces, brewery, or commercial kitchens.
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Treadwell Chip

This system is seamless, providing simple maintenance over the life of the floor and there are countless chip combinations that are available to fit the style of your space. Learn More

Treadwell Sand

Sand epoxy offers a high-end look while still performing in impact and slip resistance, and seamlessness. With additional options available there is a system for every environment. Learn More

Treadwell Mortar

Urethane mortars are used in the most abusive floor settings and offer additional benefits of increased impact and chemical resistance.
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Treadwell Metallic

Our metallic epoxy floor coatings combine design and durability to provide you with a long-lasting floor surface that produce a high sheen with unique color combinations.
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SealCraft Clear

SealCraft Clear Epoxy gives a polished concrete look but offers additional stain resistance and waterproofing. It also offers additional slip-resistant options.

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