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Durable. Less Maintenance. Lower Cost.

Industrial concrete takes a lot of abuse and must be repaired properly for long-term durability and use. Dancer Concrete Design offers proven solutions for long-term flooring repairs in an industrial setting: control joint filling, crack repair, patching, sealing, polishing and epoxy coatings.


With its low lifetime cost, simple maintenance, and long-term durability, polished concrete provides great value for anyone looking into hard-surface flooring.

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Our sealer includes an anti-slip additive for traction on the surface even when wet. This system provides the best durability, color enhancement, and protection.

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Epoxy floor coatings outperform other hard-surface flooring in the most abusive environments. It is safe, seamless, requires simple maintenance, and is extremely durable.

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This new surface is just as durable and strong as traditional concrete with additional design and color options.

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