Meet Our Team

  • Nick Dancer

    Nick Dancer

    Nick began his work with concrete at an entry-level summer job right out of high school, learning about pouring concrete walls, agriculture projects, and flatwork. In 2007, at the age of 20, he was introduced to concrete design through a hands-on training workshop in Berkeley, California with designer Fu-Tung Cheng. He then started what is now known as Dancer Concrete Design in the basement of his home. Initially creating precast architectural elements, he found his true passion in enhancing interiors through concrete flooring. In the day-to-day, Nick oversees the operation of the business. When not working, Nick is an avid runner, reader, and loves spending time with his wife and two sons.


  • Alexis Dancer

    Alexis Dancer

    Alexis is a mother of two adorable boys (Clark and Charlie), the wife of Nick Dancer, and a passionate creative. She is originally from the small town of Delphos, Ohio where she developed her love and talents for art and design. She was surrounded by her loving mother and father who are both artists, designers and carpenters of fine woodworking. At a young age she learned the importance that aesthetics play in the built environment. In 2012 she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from Purdue University Fort Wayne, but she pursues doing anything that requires imagination. Alexis enjoys leading up any creative quest at Dancer Concrete Design. Lexy also enjoys her relationship with her Creator, yoga, playing in the garden, strumming tunes on the guitar, and loves to explore the idea from Ludwig Mies van der Rohe that “less is more.”


  • Anthony Anzini

    Anthony Anzini

    Anthony is bringing his talents to the Dancer Concrete Team as a Field Operations Leader. Anthony said, “I like knowing that I am working with people who care about each other. To be a team means that everyone will do what is expected of them and will also go above and beyond to get the job done.” Along with this mentality, Anthony also enjoys seeing how concrete floors transform a space over just a few days. Anthony is motivated to navigate obstacles and challenges on job sites and to work with people through challenges in the field. He is a proud husband to his “awesome” wife Allison, and a dad to four “great kids” (Patrick, Oliver, Amelia, and Delaney). Hobbies for Anthony include family time at the lake or at home, and coaching youth recreational and travel soccer at the Fort Wayne Sport Club.


  • Jacob Jannsens

    Jacob Janssens

    Jacob has more than five years of concrete experience (both pouring and finishing) and enjoys the end results of the polished concrete flooring the best. Jacob likes seeing a client’s reaction to a project that was done with high quality and using his God-given talents to work with the natural materials of concrete. Jacob lives in Fort Wayne with his family, which includes four siblings, and appreciates the city for its small town feel and the family atmosphere. Jacob enjoys the outdoors, going on road trips, working on projects with his fiancé Kaylie, and spending time with God.


  • Nick Morken

    Nick Morken

    We are excited to have an adventurous fellow like Nick Morken on our team. Nick says he enjoys the transformative powers of the finished concrete product and the fresh life they bring to the space. Seeing the reactions of clients get Nick stoked for the next job. Nick has a love for traveling, bird watching, and his screen printing business through which he shares his funny bird shirts with the world. Nick has two brothers and a sister that are the coolest people he knows. His mom and dad raised his family in several different parts of the world as his dad was a career soldier. He surfed the swells of Oahu and skied the Alps in southern Germany. In 2016 Nick married his best friend and they are expecting a little boy to join them in the summer of 2018.


  • Dennis Barylski

    Dennis Barylski

    “You are what you are and where you are because of what’s gone into your mind. You can change what you are and where you are by changing what goes in your mind” are some words that Dennis Barylski lives by on a daily basis. Dennis, office manager at Dancer Concrete Design, is motivated by challenges and the satisfaction that comes from conquering the task at hand. Dancer Concrete Design’s commitment to quality and doing the best for the customer is what Dennis appreciates most as a member of the team. He and his wife of 40 years, Patricia, raised their three children (now grown) in Fort Wayne and say that the city is the right size with plenty of activity. He enjoys traveling, cooking, baseball (Go Tincaps!) and “dabbling in the stock market.”


  • Andrea Bauman

    Andréa Bauman

    Andréa received her bachelor’s degree in communication and business administration from Bluffton University in 2009. She has more than eight years of marketing and advertising experience in corporate, non-profit and small business environments. She has enjoyed being part of the Dancer Concrete Team and appreciates how every team member is an integral part to the success of the company and the satisfaction of their customers. Andréa and her husband Chris live in Michigan with their two sons, Sawyer and Camden. Andréa loves her job as a mom, college sports, getting involved in her church, running, and spending time with her family.


  • Roger Wilson

    Roger Wilson

    “God gave me the talent to work with my hands,” Roger Wilson, a craftsman, said when asked what motivates him to do great work. “I enjoy looking at a finished product and seeing what I’ve been able to accomplish.” With 30+ years of related experience, Roger has had the time to hone his craft and discover how versatile concrete can be. “Concrete driveways, walks and patios are my favorite type of concrete project,” says Roger. An avid competitive runner, working with concrete also acts as a good, hard workout. A native of Fort Wayne, Roger and his wife have two children, Nathan and Elise, and enjoy biking around the city, traveling, and volunteering at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. In fact, Roger’s favorite concrete project was designing and building an underground, earth-covered shelter at the zoo to house the penguins.


  • David Walenga

    David Walenga

    “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra,” is Dave Walenga’s favorite quote. A team leader, Dave works to put in that little extra on each job. As a member of the Dancer Concrete Design team he says he has the chance to help people change their property to better serve them and their needs and he gets extra motivation from the desire to help others. As a resident of Fort Wayne, Dave appreciates all there is to do in the city and spends time watching rugby and enjoying the outdoors.


  • Ryan Clark

    Ryan Clark


  • Beau Skeens

    Beau Skeens

    Taking something unfinished (like a concrete floor) and turning it into a masterpiece is one of the reasons Beau Skeens says polished concrete is his favorite part of the finishing process. Beau, a team leader, chooses to always go above and beyond at a job. He takes the phrase “Do More, Be More” to heart and understands that if “I put in that extra effort to make sure things are completed” that the customer will be completly satisfied. He is also motivated by his wife, Katie. She is a reminder for him to be a better person and to always work hard. When not working at Dancer Concrete, Beau enjoys spending time with Katie and watching and playing basketball.


  • Ben Doege

    Ben Doege

    “Honoring God and doing my best work every day,” answered Ben Doege, when asked what motivates him. Dancer Concrete Design has a motivation theme throughout the year, and the one that sticks out most to Ben, the shop leader, is “Greatness Starts Here.” It encourages him that each individual effort is important and that great things can be accomplished as a team as well. Ben is married to Amy and they have a son, James. When not working, Ben likes to draw and work on animations – he has a large collection of cartoons. He is also an avid Colts fan.


  • Joel Janssens

    Joel Janssens

    Joel finds motivation through his inner drive and his son, Aiden. He likes watching projects unfold from start to finish. Joel said that it means a lot to be part of the Dancer Concrete Design team and he enjoys working with all of the guys, traveling from job to job, and talking to customers. In his free time, Joel appreciates spending time with his girlfriend and son, hanging out with his four siblings, and playing and watching sports.


  • Scott Bailey

    Scott Bailey

    Scott is coming onto the Dancer Concrete Team as a Craftsman who is eager to follow the concrete process from start to finish. Scott enjoys creating with his hands and, “being a part of a group of talented people who are motivated to always go above and beyond.” When he’s not on the job with Dancer Concrete, you can probably find Scott listening to music, playing the drums, driving his jeep and hanging out with his family and fiancé, Kayla. Scott says his fiancé and God help remind him to do his best and to be someone they can be proud of.


  • Damin Royal

    Damin Royal

    Damin was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana where he now resides and crafts concrete floors on the Dancer Concrete Team. His favorite part about this form of art is seeing the shiny reflection created after the polishing process. When he’s not hard at work, Damin enjoys playing basketball, hanging out with his family and watching movies.