Treadwell Metallic Epoxy

Our Treadwell Metallic epoxy floor coatings combine design and durability to provide you with a long-lasting floor surface that looks great in residential settings and can perform in rigorous commercial settings. The high sheen of the metallic surface combined with unique color combinations provides you with a look of depth that you have never seen before in a durable floor material.

Metallic coatings are composed of metallic pigments which are held in a suspension of resins.  The color technology of this system creates movement and a sense of depth when light hits the surface. A primer is installed before the metallic pigment is added to a thick UV topcoat.  This UV topcoat is thicker than a normal topcoat and allows the metallic pigment to be suspended.  This technology is what give the metallic floor its radiant appearance.  Two-tone effects can also be created with the introduction of a second pigment color at the time of application. All of our coated floors are also protected by a high-wear urethane final layer. This allows for a low-maintenance finish available in gloss or satin. An anti-slip additive can also be incorporated into the satin finish for great slip-resistance even when wet.