Our Why


We think how we do business is just as important as the business we are in, and we are looking for people who think like we think. We can only grow when our people, our customers, and our business WIN together.


People deserve more from their contractor. We strive to be a company who constantly disproves typical standards of contractors. We demand more of ourselves and we want our customers to demand more of us too.  We want to create new expectations of contractors for our customers and always deliver our best.

Our customers become raving fans.  They say things like, “You really have a great team,” and “I can tell the team really cares about their work.”

We install a better product. We do this by always doing the right thing, giving our best, planning and preparing, and working with absolute honesty and integrity. We think long-term what will last, what will look good 10 years from now; we design for function, safety, and looks.

We serve a higher power and do our work to please God. If we serve God and take care of people we cannot fail.

The strength and endurance of an organization does not stem from product and service offerings, but from how well its people come together. We bring people together who take pride in the work they do. We strive to put people in positions where they work with passion and enjoy their work. We create employment opportunities where team members can grow and develop their skills and abilities. Through this we also create more and better employment.  We try to inspire and encourage, not only our team, but also the public to be at their best and to live a life where they feel happy and successful.

We are the rule breakers.  We go against the grain. We step up to challenges, rather than shy away. We help others when no one else will.  We do projects when everyone else says it’s not possible. We find solutions.  We step out of our comfort zone to create something better.  We don’t need acceptance from everyone. We don’t follow the path of easiest resistance. Our patrons truly get to share in our company by choosing to work with us and to support us. This is how we define our WHY.

– Nick Dancer, founder and owner