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Total square footage: approx 2,800 sq. ft.

System: Metallic Epoxy
Color: 50/50 of Sky & Pacific
System: Metallic Epoxy
Color: Titanium
System: Chip Epoxy
Color: Custom Chip Blend
System: Chip Epoxy
Color: Bx-695 green chips with custom Michigan State Spartan logo
System: Chip Epoxy
Color: micro autumn custom chip
System: Polished Concrete
Finish: Level 1 – 400 grit
Color: Reactive stain – Meaquite

When our team traveled to Bronson Veterinary Clinic, in Coldwater, Michigan, we were prepared to install three different floor systems. Because of the specific use of each room (kennel, surgery, breakroom, etc.), a total of 6 floors were installed – two metallic epoxy coatings, three epoxy chip coatings and one polished concrete floor.

The first task was the metallic epoxy coating that would be going in the dog kennel and the main space of the clinic (about 1700 square feet total). Two different colors were selected, a mixture of sky blue and pacific for the dog kennels and a more neutral titanium gray for the main space. Metallic coatings are composed of metallic pigments which are held in a suspension of resins. The color technology of this system creates movement and a sense of depth when light hits the surface. A primer is installed before the metallic pigment is added to a thick UV topcoat.

For the garage, isolation room, cat kennel, breakroom and surgery area, chip epoxy coatings were selected. Chip epoxy is slip resistant and very durable. It will clean up well, and will withstand cat claws and moving equipment and kennels. A special feature was added in the surgery area. Dr. Bronson, a Michigan State grad, requested a Spartan “S” logo be added to the room. When it was time to apply the custom green chips, we laid down the S logo and then spread chips on the floor. The result was a bold “S” in solid green and a chip floor throughout the rest of the room. With this flooring system we also installed an epoxy cove around the perimeter of the room in surgery, isolation and the cat kennel. By taking the epoxy vertically up the wall, the room will be able to be hosed down and easily cleaned without ruining walls. A final urethane topcoat was added for additional durability and protection.

The final flooring system that the Dancer Concrete team installed was a polished concrete floor. After patching the floor, we started the grinding passes and cleaned the floor. After the 200-grit pass, we applied the reactive stain to the floor. After rinsing and drying the floor, we finished our final level one, 400-grit pass to bring the floor up to the desired shine.

This project was a great way to show the ability to design a space using some of our most popular concrete flooring systems.